The Advanced Micro/nanosystems Integration Facility at the University of Calgary (AMIF) was officially opened in 2007 to support microsystems and nanotechnology prototyping for academia and industry. AMIF is specifically positioned to address low-volume, specialised R&D and prototyping needs for this community and to promote promising technologies and innovations to organisations such as ACAMP that are placed to help nurture them into full productisation. These services are directly aligned with the Province of Alberta’s Nanostrategy, in which AMIF is identified as a “key facility”.

MNT facilities such as AMIF are rapidly becoming the high-tech machine shops of micro- and nano-technology innovations. As every hardware manufacturing company would expect to have access to, for example, expertise in metalwork, electronics, or plastics manufacture, so too MNT innovations increasingly require access to standard MNT processes and toolsets such as flip-chip bonding, micro-patterning, or photolithography. As yet, however, the tools and facilities that underpin these technologies represent a major barrier to entry for new Small Businesses and a significant impediment to the research teams whose innovations will fuel the MNT market sector.

AMIF is supported by the Province of Alberta and the Schulich School of Engineering.


Welcome to the Advanced Micro/nanosystems Integration Facility

The AMIF Mission

AMIF is an open-access facility dedicated to providing cost-effective access to low-volume and custom micro- and nano-systems integration, packaging, and post-processing services together with expert consultation and training.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact:

Primary contact:

Dr. Colin Dalton

+1 (403) 210 8464

Financial assistance information

If you are a Canadian academic using our facility consider applying for up to $3500 in Financial Assistance through CMC Microsystems. This program reduces the barriers to research by easing the cost of travelling to non-local facilities and/or sharing the cost of processing your devices. Application deadlines are monthly.

For more information, contact:

  1. BulletCMC Microsystems


nanoAlberta (part of Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures) is the coordinating agency for nanotechnology research, development and commercialisation in the province and supports the operation of AMIF.

Find out about Alberta’s nanostrategy here:

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